Adult Education & Shiurim

Rabbi Eisenberg is the Director of Education for our congregation and his work in this role is supported by the Shul’s Adult Education Committee.

Regular learning events take place in our Shul each week and includes:

  • MONDAYS:    'PBM' Gemara shiurim for men under the guidance of Rabbi Eisenberg on Monday evenings. These are based on the “Professionals Beis Medresh” and aim eventually for attendees to be able to work independently through Gemara text with a chavrusa (learning partner). There is a cost associated.

  • TUESDAYS:  Sedra Shiur at 8.40pm on Tuesday evenings by Rabbi Eisenberg.


    • Rebbetzen Miriam gives a class at 10.00am each Wednesday morning for ladies on “Navigating the Shabbat Kitchen and Words of Inspiration on the Weekly Sedra”.

    • "Spirituality of Prayer" - an innovated series of lectures by Rabbi Mitch Goodman, Director of Jewish Education Manchester (JEM) on Wednesday evenings from 8.15pm for Men and Women. There is a cost associated.

  • SHABBAT:    Shiur on "Ethics of the Fathers" 30 minutes before end of Shabbat by Rabbi Eisenberg. All welcome.