Children’s Services

Friday Night Children's Kabalat Shabbat

This will begin this week (8th November) and continue fortnightly through the winter, starting 10 minutes after Shabbos comes in. Join us for singing, mini-cupcakes and story-time in conjunction with PJ Library! Appropriate for ages 2-9, with or without parents. See poster for more details.

Children's Services 

Please see the attached poster for all details, noting in particular the new locations for the Tots and Year 1-3 services. Please assist your children in finding their way to the services for the first few weeks.


Please note that Children's Services are designed for children up to Year 6. We kindly ask parents to encourage their Year 7+ boys and girls to stay in the Main Shul or Youth Minyan for Mussaf. We will be launching two brand new BoSh and GoSh programmes for boys and girls in these age groups in the next week, keep your eyes peeled!


As part of our drive to improve safeguarding standards in the Shul, we are putting together a rota of parents to supervise Children's Services on a weekly basis. This will involve supervising the corridor outside the classrooms and assisting whoever is running services that week from 10:45AM until the end of davening (approx. 11:30/11:45AM).

We kindly ask all parents who send children to any of the services to sign up for a week here.

With full engagement from parents, we hope that each person will only need to be on the rota a maximum of twice a year.


As ever, please email any questions to


The Shul’s Youth Minyan

Now in its 38th consecutive year, the Shul’s Youth Minyan continues every Shabbos & Yomtov morning at 9.45am in the Beis Hamedrash. All boys & girls over the age of 9 are welcome. 

All these services are followed by Kiddush.