Safeguarding Policy

Update of the Shul’s Safeguarding Policy - January 2016

We have recently been updating some of the policies in the Shul and wanted to let you know about a particularly important one which has been finalised recently by the Safeguarding Committee Task and Finish Group.

The Shrubberies Safeguarding Policy

This policy sets out what the Shul’s policy is on the Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults. We all have a responsibility to ensure the safety of the children and vulnerable adults who use our Shul but the Shrubberies has a legal duty to set out the policy and procedures which need to be followed if necessary.

Our Obligations

All those involved in taking or assisting in activities organised by the Shul for Children/Vulnerable Adults will be DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked. This includes Children’s Service volunteers and members of the Bikkur Cholim (Visiting the Sick) Group.

Your Obligations

Please ensure that you know where your children are and that they are not left to wander around the complex unsupervised. Notwithstanding the above obligations the officers of the shul cannot be held responsible for children who are left unsupervised.

If you have any questions regarding safeguarding please do not hesitate to contact either Louise Goodman on 07976 717084 or Debra Frazer on 07774 149151.