Shloshim for Naftoli Meir Rickman ז״ל

Please join us at 8pm in Holy Law Shul on Sunday, December 8th for an hour of inspiration with Rabbi S Angel and Rabbi Y L Lewis to mark the Shloshim of our dear son Naftoli Meir ז״ל.


You were there for him during his illness, you davened and held our family in your hands. The unity that was created between our often divided Manchester community was tangible. You cried with us during the levaya and shiva.


Let us join once more to strengthen our Emunah and relationship with Hashem as a merit for the Jewish people and L’ilui Nishmas ha’bochur Naftoli Meir ben Harav Binyomin Dov Rickman.


Rabbi Benjy & Emily Rickman and family